Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love med and darks with black and whites as a quilt reicipe. I love tragic novels. I watch movies that need a box of kleenex instead of the popcorn. Yet I am really a happy person, really I am. So I have been thinking of changeing my color palate to reflect a little lightness. Quilting Arts most recent magazine has an interesting article on this very subject. What convinced me to take action is a student of mine. Her name is Tina Kennedy and I often joke we were separated at birth. We are making a quilt in class using the Kings Cross block and Tina chose a light color palate. When I saw her blocks my heart went pitter/patter. So I finally purchased 18 quarters to get started. I hope to share blocks with you tomorrow.
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SuzanRose said...

Hey Frances,
Tina told us about this blog tonight in class. I saw the blocks she was working on so diligently. I'm looking forward to seeing yours, too.

I agree - her palette is very light.

Lights are good, brights are good, black and white is good.

If it's cloth it's all good.