Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today was, well, almost magical and a continued lesson for me. I was invited to be the "Artist in Residence " at the Muller House in San Pedro. What I expected was a pleasant Sunday in a nice little museum, displaying a few of my quilts. What I did not expect was star treatment in an unbelievable setting over looking the ocean, docents with vasts amount of knowledge and commitment to not just this house but other historical landmarks in the area. I was able talk with guests about my favorite subject and also learn a few things about history, personal commitment. My big lesson was ...get outside your usual geographical boundaries, talk to some locals, expand your universe.. Take a trip to the house and see if Joe, or Georgia, will give your a tour. I guarantee they will treat you like a star.


Robin Quilts, etc. said...

How exciting for you. I wish I had know, it would have been a nice drive and a lot of fun.

wackywoman said...

Robin's right. You should have told us! We would have been there lickety split. So wonderful!