Monday, February 6, 2012


Fabric choices will definitely help in creating a " feeling" about a quilt. You want calm? You want quiet? Choose large pieces with simple designs. Quilting motifs can add to your desired feel. This large quilt has large pieces of what I call quiet fabric and the color reminded me of water. So to enhance that zen feel I quilted a water design with a few leaves. It was recently purchased and has a new home. May it bring peace and quiet to their lives.
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wackywoman said...

Oh, I'm glad I saw this before going in to quilt today. I think I will use that design on this one portion I was agonizing over. See, ask and ye shall receive.

danih03 said...

Very nice! Very zen! I just want to know how everyone cranks out these quilts so quick! I have been working on the same one for about 3 weeks and I'm only half done! And in the meantime, my house has went to hell in a hand basket! hahaha