Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Quite some time ago, a guild member Beth made a wall hanging of a darling chair. I finally got around to creating my own. My chair holds a book that has my favorite quote..."A day spent reading is a good day, but a life spent reading is a good life." Pictorial quilts is really why I started quilting so I have decided to return to that format more often. It is still a magical process much like seeing a photo develop in the dark room. Take time and create some magic. It's a good thing.
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Sunday, May 27, 2012


So today's challenge was to quilt rocks in a linear format, in opposite directions continuously and not using a figure eight technique. ( yes, I love long sentences). They are irregular in shape just like real rocks. If you look  in the middle, you can see the thread buildup from where I traveled from one line to the next when going in the opposite direction, but I can live with that.
           In the drawing you can see how this is easily done by making a curvy line( left side), then completing that line going up to the top ( right side). It is OK to start the second line from top to bottom if you wish. So how can this be applied to a pieced top?
Hey, I think I like this! This is much easier than pebbles, yet still impressive if done all over, keeping in mind you will see more of the quilting on light or solid fabrics, unless you lighten the thread color on dark fabrics. ( not usually my taste) Anyway, I hope this inspires you to try it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is the last of the Wednseday class projects for this year.I have combined two blocks from different patterns. The little block is 5 1/2 inches and works great as a cornerstone. The wonky block is 10 1/2 inches finished. It went together rather quickly. OK so no more quilt tops. I need to get quilting!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


I know this must look a little strange, but this is one of my favorite ways to piece a back. It is called a zipper back. Vertical or horizontal, it is fun. Pick two fabrics and make enough squares to alternate in a row top to bottom or side to side. Then sew each fabric to either side of the squares. I think these squares are 6 inches. Any size works. Try it!!