Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes, I do sometimes give the sewing machine a rest. I am an avid reader and I predict this book will be the next "The Help". In other words a block buster book,turned into a movie. I know this because I have already done the casting in my head. Clint Eastwood will direct of course. So what's it about and what does this have to do with quilting?? It is about love, loss ,fear, hope. Are you listening Hollywood? It is also about the language of flowers. Little did I know this language was so detailed and complex. In the book there is a detailed guide. Did you know for instance, that baby's breath means everlasting love? I thought it was a cheap pretty fill flower. There are lots of messages sent in the book via flowers so why not in our quilts. I'm telling you it gives a whole new use for floral fabric of which I have NONE. From now on every quilt will have a piece of pansy fabric which means....think of me.
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Sharon said...

Thanks for the book review. Got to put it on my reading list. I'm visiting from SewCalGal's FMQ challenge. I'm looking forward to learning from you this month!