Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Basting the quilt is THE most unglamourous part of quilting, in my opinion, but extremely important. Have you considered thread basting all or part of the quilt? Machine quilters usually think of pins, but if you have a very large top, thread basting can prevent quilting headaches. It decreases the weight and that in itself will prevent tension problems for the machine and muscle tension problems from moving all the weight. I use cotton thread that contrasts with the top. Use a zig zag stitch about 2 in long and as close as you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind you are basting, not quilting. You want to be able to pull the thread out easily when you need to so space it out similarly to pinning. Use a long or curved needle. It does take longer than pinning, but it gives you time to think and finalize your thoughts on quilting designs or your next project or what to fix for dinner. I usually listen to a book on tape and the time flies. It's a good thing.
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beth said...

I've thread basted a few quilts and though it IS intimadating at first...it goes faster than I think it will and it is SO worth it!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to remember thread basting the next time I need to baste. I hate the safety pins (I'm lazy), so I use pins, and get poked and scratched. I watched your video, and will work on it tomorrow.

sarar1234 said...

I am very new to this and trying the FMQ challenge can you share your thoughts on spray adhesive basting and or the iron on cotton battings?

MC said...

I've been thinking of trying thread basting because too many pins make quilting a really big pain. Just wondering how long it takes you to baste a quilt in this fashion?

Also thanks for the FMQ challenge tutorial, I had a great time doing it!

dq said...

Thank you for your tutorial on the leaves for the challenge! I am anxious to try it.
I thought I read somewhere that you use a Juki. Is that accurate? If so, please email me at atticw@hotmail.com. I too use a Juki and would like some tips such as where you got your free motion foot for it.

Thanks so much! Dj at dreamworthyquilts.blogspot.com

Nell Walker said...