Thursday, March 29, 2012


This is a day of trying out blocks for different projects to see what will and will not work. It pays to do this before cutting the whole quilt ( which I never do anyway as it is too boring and I change my mind). As it turns out, I really like this small pinpoint black and white background for this project and I think I have enough of it for a decent size quilt.
This second block is very dramatic but I am not sure I can live with all that black and white with just a change in direction of the block. These are questions I am pondering today along with ....what toppings do I want on my pizza? Keep posted for answers to these and other what if's in future posts. As always, thanks for reading my blog!



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Anonymous said...

I really like both of the blocks. Going with your theme of "what if"...what if you added red strips of various widths between the "zebra" blocks? You could end up with a stunning modern graphic quilt.

kheli said...

I like the design of the Zebra block, it could be reinterpreted by placing the red in the body of the block, and the zebra as the accent. That would also be a neat block to do in a range of batiks with a common, contrasting accent block. Hmmm, I need to bookmark this!

Renate said...

What if you asked for pine nuts on your pizza? Oh yeah and what if you put a diagonal red strip running from upper left corner to lower right corner in the zebra block?

Pat Barton said...

Love the white and black dots...and great pattern idea..want to see this one when it's finished.