Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Color correctness in photography is so important and I just don't have it yet. The solid fabric at the bottom is brown. A soft rich earthy brown. I continued using 40 wt. thread. This thread is variegated with black and rusty red. I knew I wanted to create a little more texture so I did what you should not do in quilting close lines. I went back and forth instead of stopping and starting on the same side to PREVENT shirring. I thought a little shirring would add interest and I like it. I also did not want to quilt pebbles just because many would expect it on a quilt like this. I want a feeling of flowing,wind blowing and calm. One last thing. Following the curve of the pieced insert would be OK, but ignoring that exact curve and just sewing curvy lines is ,I think a more dynamic  statement along with just three quilted  leaves. Tomorrow you will see the upper area and Thursday the entire piece. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.
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