Sunday, March 23, 2014


So I agreed to quilt a top for an organization to auction and raise money. At my first glance, it was beautiful and appeared very flat. It is still beautiful, but once I put it on the machine, I started to worry it wasn't exactly flat. Very quickly I learned the borders were nowhere near flat. Too late to remove from the machine and no real time to redo the borders anyway, I had to come up with another plan. So what I decided to do was gather the excess and create a false seam by hand applique......8 times. Not easy to do standing up at an odd angle, but faster than removing stitches and the border.Below are the pictures of the progression. I think it is OK. I do hope it does well at the auction.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


So how did it go??? Very fast. Retreating at home is not always productive, but it was very comfy. I only really worked on 3 projects, but hey, a couple of naps, a few hours of reading and a movie sort of interfered with progress. And those trips to the frig and pantry take time. My plan next time is to really have a plan...and extra chips.

I really like these and definitely will do more.

You can't really see it but it is cute.

This is my favorite. It's a fish pillow!!! I saw them online and had to do it. You use old sweaters to make it.
He will need some friends.
But that's another retreat.