Sunday, March 23, 2014


So I agreed to quilt a top for an organization to auction and raise money. At my first glance, it was beautiful and appeared very flat. It is still beautiful, but once I put it on the machine, I started to worry it wasn't exactly flat. Very quickly I learned the borders were nowhere near flat. Too late to remove from the machine and no real time to redo the borders anyway, I had to come up with another plan. So what I decided to do was gather the excess and create a false seam by hand applique......8 times. Not easy to do standing up at an odd angle, but faster than removing stitches and the border.Below are the pictures of the progression. I think it is OK. I do hope it does well at the auction.


Annette Schultz said...

looks like a great fix! I'll have to remember this one.
job well done
in stitches

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice job!! I have done this a few too many times with hand quilting. Sometimes people get the borders too long for the center of the quilt.

Carol said...

Awesome fix! Thanks for sharing that.

Hannele said...

Great fix, have to bear that in mind!

Lynn said...

Very Clever!

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Bonnie said...

a nightmare that looks fabulous after your magic. Great job.

CinderNella said...

What a save!!

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Sue xx

Connie said...

You are so smart! I know that I will learn a lot from you. Your newest follower, Connie :)

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